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We are a team of experienced engineers and developers, ready to provide you Blockchain, Aaritificial Intellignece and IoT based solutions for your business. Our consultants provide unique solutions and indepth insight to help you enhance your business intel grow rapidly.


Engineers Empowered


projects designed


Happy Clients

The best quality in the consulting space

Quality oriented

Our prime focus is to deliver the highest grade quality in every solution desinged

Highly skilled engineers

Highly experienced engineers and management grads from the most reputed colleges across the globe

proven profits generation

100% of our solutions have a proven RoI of atleast 20% with a terminal MoM growth rate of 27%

Effective Solutions

Effective solutions designed for various governments organizations and private enterprises


Championing the Revolution of a No-Middle-Entity ecosystem, Reclaming the power that is deserved. "This Revolution won't be televised!"

Business Consulting

  • Business Strategy
  • External Research & Consultancy
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Blockchain Solutions

  • Smart Contracts Development and Audit
  • Tailored Blockchain Solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallets
  • ICO and Whitepaper Execution
  • IoT on the blockchain

Cyber Security

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Advanced Reconnaissance
  • Penetration Testing
  • Secure Environment Setup
All Works Blockchain AI Cyber Security Business

What people say?

OCG delivers. The best in the class. Period!

Paul Gregory, Google inc.

What people say?

Seamless client communication, quick business adaptaion and efficient & timely delivery. Wow!

Elias B Castillio, Tech-Coin.

What people say?

They once said that "We do blockchain, we're cool". True That!

Alpesh Chawla, Tesla Cold Storage.

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Questions & answers

Can I resell the delivered End Product?
NO! You're licensed to use the delivered end product for personal as well as commercial use. resale of the product or any part of the product is prohibited. In case you still wish to sell the product further, you may contact us for a formal resale agreement drawing the legal boundations and clauses of further distribution.
Do I receive the source code or a License to the code?
YES. You shall receive a formal license stating the limitations of use of the product/code. These limitations restricts you from further distribution/sale of the product/code, while allowing you personal and commercial use.
Is there any money back guarantee?
We at OCG have a 'customer centric' or 'customer first' attitude. If you feel that we haven't delivered to what was agreed upon, we shall return your money following the reimbursement clause of the development agreement initially signed.
Is my license transferable?
YES. You're allowed to transfer your license to anyone you wish by simply following a few legal steps to change entitlement. This has a direct implication of your license being revoked and termed null and void. You won't hold a license anymore after transferring it.
Can I hire another organization for further development?
Our heart melts at hearing this questions. Nonetheless, Yes, of course you can hire who ever you wish to, for further development. This also has a legal procedure to be followed for purchasing rights to distribution of the source code to 3rd parties. Once the leagalities are taken care of, we have ship the source code to your desired vendor. Knowledge transfer is separately chargable by the hour, as it is always out of the scope of work of any project undertaking.


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